Fishing in Snowdonia


Snowdonia, the first of the three National Parks in Wales to be designated as such is one of the most popular destinations in both Wales and the United Kingdom due to its breathtaking, almost surreal natural beauty. The National Park covering an area of 2,170 square kilometres is home to a number of spectacular lakes and waterfalls, a network of rivers, exiting castles and the highest mountain in Wales which make it an absolute favourite among visitors interested in both natural beauties and historic sightseeing attractions. But it is also home to some of the most exiting fishing destinations in the United Kingdom with lots of exiting fish species to catch because the lakes and rivers are just as characteristic for Snowdonia as its peaks.

Fishing in Snowdonia is an excellent choice for both experienced and less experienced fishing enthusiasts because it offers an unforgettable fishing experience in the most stunning surroundings and ability to choose between fishing in lakes, mountain regions, rivers and coastal waters, or a little bit of everything. This National Park truly enables you to enjoy your favourite sport, relax from everyday worries and spend some quality time with your friends or family. Unlike other popular fishing destinations that are appealing only to angling enthusiasts, Snowdonia’s beauties charm just about all visitors of all ages and a variety of interests from golf to gliding. So if your wife is not particularly thrilled about a fishing trip, she most certainly will not mind if you take her to Snowdonia because it offers a number of exciting outdoor activities in addition to world-class fishing.


The best time to go fishing in Snowdonia depends on the type of fish you are interested in the most but it is most certainly a good idea to visit this amazing National Park sometime between spring and early autumn, especially if you are interested in other outdoor activities such as golf in the Taylormade golf course and if you would like to discover Snowdonia's spectacular landscape and hidden beauties. The National Park is not only home to many great fish species but also to a number of other animal species including otters, feral goats and rare birds such as osprey, merlin, red kit and many others. It is also the only place in the United Kingdom where you can admire the lovely Snowdon lily and the colourful rainbow leaf beetle in their natural habitat and the only place in the world where Snowdonia hawkweed is found. Keep in mind though that Snowdonia is one of the wettest places in the United Kingdom, so watch for the weather forecast if you do not want the rain to ruin your fishing experience. But even if the weather forecast is excellent, you are highly recommended to take along your “fishing rain gear“ or waterproofs and enough spare clothing, especially if you intend to camp.

The last but not the least important is to keep in mind that you need a valid Environment Agency rod license (you can purchase it at a Post Office or at the Environment Agency official website) as well as a valid permit from an association or owner of the particular fishing location. These can be bought at fisheries, fishing shops and Tourist Information Centres. Other good fishing destinations include Cornwall, Devon and Scotland. In Cornwall unique accomodation next to fishing facilities have been newly renovated for excellent holidays.